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Income Property JUST Out of Reach

A middle aged married couple contacted me because they were looking at purchasing a rental property. We did an application and discovered that they could not qualify to purchase a rental property as their financial situation currently stood, I recommended looking at refinancing their existing mortgage to payout their debts, by doing this we were able to save them $1,632.59 a month in payments AND have enough money to purchase and cash flow not one, but two new rental properties!


Momma Mia!

A young couple had written an offer to purchase their first home, they had spoken to their bank but because they did not have 5% down and because she was currently on maternity leave with their first child, their bank declined the mortgage and told them that they should continue renting till she was back to work and they were able to come up with a down payment. Their Realtor had them contact me for a second opinion, I was able to sit down with them the same day and get them approved under our ZERO down program in 4 hours.


Helping Even Before I Can Help

A client whom was just recently divorced contacted me to see if she could qualify to purchase her own home since she had lost hers in the divorce. There were a few bruises on her credit from the divorce process and she figured it would be a couple of months until she received the settlement from the divorce. We were able to come up with a plan to repair her credit over the upcoming months and get her in the position to qualify when she finally received the divorce settlement. We spent the next two months contacting various creditors and ensuring that they were updating the information to the credit bureau’s as they received it. The divorce papers and money came in exactly 67 days after our first meeting and 3 weeks later she moved into her own place!!!


Bank Backed Out

Two gentlemen that owned a new home construction business (they build homes and keep them as rental properties) had contacted me because they were about 35% through the construction of their latest project when their bank decided that they no longer wanted to fund the project.  This becomes a little tricky as most lenders want to be involved from the beginning or not at all.  We were able to come up with interim financing to complete the construction project and on completion we were able to refinance the entire project with a major chartered bank (no, not the one that backed out - they lost out on this and all future business).


Growing Pains

A married couple contacted me because they needed to move to a bigger home as they felt the were busting at the seams with 4 teenage boys, both of them and a large dog. They had been dealing with another Mortgage Broker whom had advised them that the only way they would qualify for a mortgage on a larger home was to sell their existing home.  Their Realtor had them contact me to see if there was anything different I could do for them.  We met, reviewed their financial situation and they wrote an offer on a large acreage which was accepted, approved, and completed all with in 4 days of our initial meeting.  They are now looking forward to moving into their home and were able to keep their other property as a rental property which gives them additional monthly income.


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